What is a game of poker about?

It’s almost sure there is no person in the world who hasn’t as much as heard the word “poker”. While some are active players – others have only a vague knowledge, that it’s a card game. What are the most basic rules of poker?

Different types of pokers mean different rules

It’s worth mentioning, that poker is just a general name for this type of game, but there are many types of it with a variety of different rules. The most popular types of poker are probably Texas Hold’em and Omaha, but there are also many more, such as 7-Card Stud or 5-Card Draw.

While some of the rules differ between the mentioned types of poker, there are also some general laws, which apply to all kinds of this game. It’s good to know them, as it’s easier to play poker knowing those!

What are the common rules of poker?

Poker is one of the most popular games in the whole world: there’s hardly a country, where the games aren’t being held either as a part of official competitions or just a bit of fun with friends at home or even online (both professionally and as games for amateurs).

All of the games have one thing in common: there are certain hands (sets of cards), which allow you to win. It so happens that different types of poker rank some hands differently, but the rule of collecting cards remains the same.

In all poker games there is also a dealer, whose main role is to determine the order of putting blinds and making bets. Usually, it’s the clockwise direction starting with the dealer himself, but the rules can be changed if necessary.

The main idea of a game of poker is placing bets. There are several betting options in each type of the game:

– call, which is equal to matching other player’s raise or bet,

– raise – which means raising the player’s existing bet in one round,

– fold – it’s a withdrawal of the whole hand (all previously made bets are lost),

– check – it means refraining from making a bet, but at the same time holding the right to do it later on. It can be done until the first round of bets,

– all in – it’s a rule to bet the same amount or higher, but when the player doesn’t have enough chips – he can go all in and the bet will be accepted.

Those are the most basic rules of poker. They don’t change when playing different types of the game.